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About Us

A Message from Captain Brent

It is amazing to have been running brewery tours here in Denver for 10 years! I feel like an “OG” of brewery tours. My first brewery tour was so memorable. I was 18 and I was not even allowed to sample the beers, but the atmosphere was great! At the beginning of the tour, the guide asked if anyone knew what a lager was. It was a large group and no one raised their hand. After a few moments, my great uncle Roy raised his hand and the guide acknowledged him. “Yes sir, do you know what a lager is?” “Yes ma’am I do,” he said, “it is a guy who cuts down trees!” The whole group burst out into laughter and the tone for the tour was set.

When I was asked to join the Brews Cruise family, I jumped at the opportunity! I left my career of 15 years in the boat business, traded in my propellers and diesel tanks for wheels and fermentation tanks, and followed the aromas of malt and hops! After spending time with Mark and Trish of Asheville Brews Cruise and working for beer at a couple of breweries, I truly know what it means to go Cruisin’ for a Brewsin’!

I invite you on board the Denver Brews Cruise to create lasting brewery tour memories…Lets go Cruisin’ for a Brewsin’…Mile High Style!

Captain Brent

Captain Brent, the manager of Denver Brews Cruise