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Denver Brews Cruise Tour Partners

Meet the members of our never-ending brew rotation.

Banded Oak Brewing Co.

Banded Oak creates both classic and unique styles of beer aimed and being accessible to both hardcore beer geeks and patio drinkers alike. With family friends in Napa Valley, California and the access to wine barrels, Banded Oak’s specialty is wine barrel aged beers utilizing the unique and ever-changing oak flavor characteristics of those barrels. Banded Oak Brewery focuses on pouring the perfect beer, which happens through their twelve tap system.

Black Sky Brewing

We congregate beneath a BLACK SKY! The purpose: to build our metal church. 490 Santa Fe is the place we have chosen. A metal site where common interests unite. Warriors of industry in an epic battle for artistic freedom and continuous education. The Black Sky mantra is education through food, libations, and music. Our combined vision is to invent the finest craft brews, while creating a unique environment that fosters camaraderie among our peers.

Blind Faith Brewing

Passion + Guts + Hard Work = A Dream. That is Tom Martinez, founder of Blind Faith Brewing. Tom, a Certified Cicerone worked in the Beer Industry for 12 years. Tom ran beer education programs, beer pairing dinners, judged beer events and brewed at home and with some of the pros. Tom recently lost his sight in December of 2016. Tom has taken on two massive challenges, being blind and starting a brand new brewery. Tom remains confident through his faith and support of his family to make great beers, be a very welcoming host and provide an excellent beer experience.

Burns Family Artisan Ales

Tackling experimental, new, traditional and revival styles with a professional approach, we create experiences. Our beers are designed to be delicious fresh from our tanks and with maturation. We belong at the family picnic as well as your fine dining table. Our expectations and standards are high. Your own journey into the appreciation of excellently crafted beer should be no less. Let us be your companion; you too can celebrate our Denver-home Mile-High heights in beer appreciation.

Crazy Mountain Brewing

Crazy Mountain Brewing Company is an Edwards and Denver, Colorado-based Company that provides high-quality handcrafted brews to beer enthusiasts across the world. Since 2010, Crazy Mountain Brewing Company has consistently brewed craft beer with the finest ingredients to yield the best tasting ales. Crazy Mountain products are available in cans, bottles and on draft in 19 states across the country and in Sweden, Norway, North Ireland, The Republic of Ireland, and the United Kingdom.

De Steeg Brewing

At De Steeg Brewing we craft beer of all styles and varieties from our classics, The House & French Saison, to many seasonal and experimental styles. Come in and experience our ever-changing tap list, order up a flight and find your new favorite!

Factotum Brewhouse

The concept of Factotum Brewhouse was thought-up one night when the four Bruns siblings met for dinner. The notion of a homebrewer-driven brewery was mentioned, the conversation snowballed from there, and Christopher and Laura’s interests began to pique. Although they live in Denver—the “Napa Valley of Beer,” the “Munich of the West”—neither Christopher nor Laura had heard of a business model quite like the one they talked about at dinner; no brewery had yet made homebrewers the cornerstone of the process.

Pints Pub

Cheers and welcome to Pints Pub, a traditional brewpub that aspires to be your local regardless of your locale. Here at Pints, you’ll find the charm and personality of the “local”, the third place, neither home nor work. A place that serves as a crossroads for society, where artisan brewed beer freshly prepared honest food, and, as importantly, good conversation are on the bill of fare.

Pints is nationally famed for the brewing of authentic traditional British cask conditioned or “live” ales. These handcrafted, deep and complex ales are served from the hand pumps and rarely found in the U.S.

Seedstock Brewery

Here at Seedstock Brewery, we are led by one guiding principle: brew the best-tasting beer we can. Along the way, we’ve learned a few things – like when to push forward and also when to leave well enough alone. The name Seedstock comes from the farming trade – a term that means saving the best of what you have now for planting tomorrow. We use that same concept in our brewing, taking lessons from the past and applying it to what we do today.

Strange Craft Beer Company

Strange Craft is the realization of a dream by an out-of-work IT Tech. Suddenly unemployed, he needed a Plan B. So with his retirement savings, home brew recipes, and 20-gallon home brew equipment, he set out to open Strange. The love of brewery began with Tim’s first batch for his wedding in 1997.

After his third batch boiled over and flooded the kitchen, he was moved to the back deck. A chance encounter with a CraigsList ad in December 2005 for a professional brew sculpture lit the flame that eventually became Strange Brewing Company, now Strange Craft Beer Company.

Wit’s End Brewing Company

Wit’s End Brewing Company is an impossibly small Denver brewery fueled by dreams and inspired by the limitless potential of craft beer. Our little brewery is what is becoming a more accepted (or tolerated) classification in the craft beer world called a nanobrewery.

We like to look at our “style” as “New American Brewing”, and much like our culinary counterparts that we stole part of the term from, we draw on the rich brewing history of other countries, sometimes reformulating styles, or just putting a new spin on things…Slow Beer for Fast Times–CHEERS!