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Downtown Brewery Tour

Quick Details

Map Marker Location: Departs from Pints Pub located at 221 W. 13th Ave.


Enjoy a Taste of Denver’s Finest Beers

The tour guide will meet the group by the red British phone box outside of Pints Pub (221 W. 13th Ave, Denver, CO). The Denver brewery tour visits three selected breweries, in and around the downtown Denver area, with the first stop being the “Beer 101” stop. Here, the tour guide gives a “Beer 101” tour in the brewing facility, taking you through the beer-making process from the grain mill to the glass, all while enjoying a generous amount of selected samples.

After the “Beer 101” stop, we visit two more breweries, where we enjoy various beer style samples, facility tours showing different sizes and dynamics of different breweries, and enjoy the social dynamic of the group. Our brewery tours in Denver are approximately four hours, give or take a bit, depending on group size and how much fun we have. Each Denver Brews Cruise is truly a good time – Cruisin’ for a Brewsin’…Mile High Style!

Things to Remember

  • Meals are not included in the tour fee, but are highly recommended. Menu items are very reasonably priced at Pints Pub and the food is delicious.
  • Safe rides home are a must. You receive a generous amount of sampling on the tour. Please have a plan.

Special Accommodations

Need your group to take a tour on a Monday or Tuesday? That can be arranged! Call us at (303) 993-7308, or email us at [email protected]